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After giving it many months of thought, I figured out what everyone really wants to hear: Which Acai Benefits are real, and which are still speculation.

The truth is, many acai benefits are still speculation and will be so for a long time, simply because the USDA has difficulty getting their hands on Acai Berry Pulp in perfect condition… It can’t be grown in North America, or anywhere but the Amazon, for that matter, so naturally testing on it must be done down there.

And from the USDA’s point of view, why should they? The quality of the Acai that is actually making it to the US will be much less potent then the pure samples they test down there. Their accurate findings would be useless to Americans!

Since the only scientific papers done on this subject were by Dr. Schauss’s lab, and he has linked himself to the MonaVie product line, many people who are not fans of MonaVie choose to disregard his findings as hype for that product.

However, there were some acai research papers from his lab published BEFORE MonaVie existed! MonaVie searched Dr. Schauss out and recruited him in the developement of their product, so naturally he couldn’t have been publishing biased papers before that point.

So from those papers, the following FACTS about Acai’s Benefits can be concluded:

1. Acai’s high Protein levels, which are actually higher than the protein in an Egg, make it an ideal food source for protein in your diet. Usually protein comes with high levels of cholesterol, so simply replacing your morning Egg or Ham with equal weights of fresh Acai pulp is a very effective way to lower your cholesterol and still get enough protein.

2. Acai’s Antioxidant spectrum includes more different Types of Antioxidents than any other known food source. Let’s face it, no single antioxident will allow you to live forever. The hope is now that a regular intake of ALL antioxident types will give your body the best chance to slow or even stop the ageing process. If there is any food likely to prevent serious illness like Cancer, the Acai’s vast antioxidant spectrum is like a big, bright, purple beacon.

3. Specifically, Acai’s Anthocyanins (30 times the amount found in red grapes) are the most efficent way to ingest anthocyanins known to date. If you believe that the French Paradox is caused by Anthocyanins, as most nutritional scientists do, then this is a very important acai benefit to consider.

4. Acai’s mineral Spectrum is also as complete if not more complete than any other single food source. It is probably true that you can’t survive your entire lifetime on any one food source, but Acai comes the closest with traces of every beneficial mineral known to mankind.

5. Acai’s Trace Elements are some of the most complete ever seen, both on the Macro and Micro scales. Dr. Schauss’s study was very explicit on this part of the testing, testing down as far as 2 parts per billion! They said that it was very challenging cataloging all of the different trace elements, and they beleive it has the most on record of any single food source as well.

6. Many other random Acai Benefits: High levels of glucosamine and other important nutrients round out this all-perfect food.

In retrospect, no one yet has been able to prove that many Acai benefits even exist. These are bona-fide facts, however, and they may only be the tip of the iceberg!

Sadly, without finding a way to grow Acai in a more developed part of the world, It could be many decades before we know exactly how awesome, and how many acai benefits there are.

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